Company History

Origins in Textiles

Julius Meijer founded the company in Amsterdam in 1927. He was an enthusiastic and successful textile agent and managed to get around the stringent import restrictions on English cloth by importing the yarn itself and then having it woven into cloth by domestic, Dutch companies.

He subsequently approached Jacques Monas, who was working for Van Zuiden, a gentleman's tailoring company. Their partnership saw the company develop into one of the major sources for foreign textiles. It was Jacques who was responsible for the move from the Rokin in Amsterdam to the quieter climes of Heemstede.

Julius then retired at just the right time: a month after the introduction of the Dutch State Pension scheme. He went on to reach the ripe old age of 86!

Modern Times - Financial and Administrative Support

The next turning point came with the arrival of the current owner, Stewart Osborne. Stewart had been working for an English/American multinational in various positions and was responsible for launching new, foreign subsidiaries and overseeing their administration, as well as running the sales organisation.

In the course of his duties for the multinational, Stewart had appointed the company Julius Meijer as an official agent in 1974. In 1985, Stewart had moved to Holland, where he and Jacques went into partnership, moving the company to Haarlem in the process.

With Stewart's arrival, the company began the change to financial and administrative services, its core business today. When Jacques retired in 1990, Stewart carried on alone. The specialisation of the financial and administrative services for the legal sector is no surprise, given Stewart's experience in that field. He has also worked for Kluwer Fidura as an external consultant.

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